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Natures Plus Dynomins Magnesium 90 Tabs


Serving Size 1 Tablet. Magnesium (Phytavail Complex – Proprietary blend of soluble plant based minerals, aminoate, aspartate, citrate, ascorbate, lysinate, methionate, rare earth elements and fructooligosaccharides from Dahlia inula tuber and Chicory root) 250 mg.Daily Value (DV) not established. Other Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, pharmaceutical glaze (contains mustard).


Nature’s Plus Dyno-Mins Magnesium provides a food state, acid resistant base of magnesium in a therapeutic dose.

Dyno-Mins Magnesium tablets help address magnesium deficiency, a common feature of some cardiovascular concerns and its benefits are due to its muscle and nerve relaxing properties. Magnesium is also essential to slow down the ageing process in the skin and is present in hundreds of key biochemical processes in the human body. It also stimulates the skin to ensure that healthy elasticity is maintained and moisture levels remain normal.

Magnesium also helps to reduce sodium in the cells that could otherwise lead to elevated blood pressure. Through relaxation of the arterial smooth muscle wall, magnesium allows greater blood flow and reduced pressure on the artery walls.

Magnesium tablets and supplements also help with headaches and migraines due to magnesium’s vascular muscle function and nerve relaxation. Migraine sufferers typically have lower blood magnesium levels than non-sufferers and recent research points to deficiency levels in over 50% of the population. Magnesium’s influence on calcium regulation makes it vital in the treatment and prevention of all types of stone formation such as gallstones and kidney stones.

Research confirms that magnesium deficiency can severely impair hormone balance in women, and is undoubtedly a causal factor in many cases of premenstrual tension. Magnesium may also regulate the activity of stress hormones that otherwise can deplete mood-elevating neurotransmitters in the brain.

Find out more about Dyno-Mins Magnesium Tablets in Shabir Daya’s (Victoria Health’s pharmacist) article The Science of Staying Younger.

Our In-House Pharmacist has written an article on Dyno-Mins Magnesium:

  • Preventing and Treating Stress Headaches

Dosage: Take one tablet  of DynoMins Magnesium daily.


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